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Giygas of MotherRP-DA
Returning to his place where the evil embodiment was badly beaten, Giygas's ghost-like body  hovers above the long walkway. It was the Cave of the Past.... But this is the present! How could it be the Cave of the Past if it's... Well, forget that. Too much thought for the destroyed mind of Giygas. He seemed... Rather defeated... He had sought for revenge against someone, but not one that you would suppose. No, not the young Ness. He had sought after someone non-human, referred to by the name of "Nepeta Leijon". He was so very close to his victory. Until another young boy, referred to as "Cade" came into play. The human forced horrifying memories into his mind. Of the ones who had raised him.... Painful memories that the embodiment did not wish to encounter.

The embodiment rests itself atop the destroyed Devil's Machine. It looked completely different than what it had before. It had been many years since his battle with Ness took place... And was horribly defeated by the prayers of the girl. They merely got lucky. If it wasn't for that prayer... They would never have won! And more importantly, that annoying little boy that Giygas had led... Porky, was it? He doesn't remember because his outbursts of rage have demolished his mind further than it's current state. But either way, victory would have also been easier if that annoying bug had been a good kid and stayed to fight! But he stayed on the side lines most of the fight, letting the embodiment take all the hits. It wasn't right.

The embodiment's shattered voice speaks.

" tr..o..l..l... is trou..b..l..e... take to... 'A..b.y...s..s'.... Ba...d... memo...ries...."

The embodiment gives a long pause, then speaks once more, more quietly.


For that day, the Cave of the Past... Or is is Cave of the Present?... It would be in complete silence, even when under the presence of the universal cosmic destroyer.

((Lame introduction is go! And to explain the reasoning of Homestuck characters, I was bored, and brought Giygas in to CrossoverRP! And... This sorta happened. It's a somewhat long story that I don't want to bother to explain. Dx And, there needs to be more chat activity, darn you people. >:I I'm in there almost every day and it's empty whenever I'm in there. I'd really like to have some interesting Roleplays there!))


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Giygas, please help me clear this up...are you a boy or girl, and are you really a fetus?
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